Glass Doors

Glass doors can be classy and elegant. Whether you are searching for privacy or simply want a clean look, Interfusion can work with you on durable and functional glass doors that can last a long time. They can be toughened or float, providing an array of different aesthetics for you to consider.

Learn more about our glass doors by looking at our portfolio or by scheduling a consultation where we can show you some of the possibilities.
Quality and Durability
We take the time to ensure high quality glass is installed. We work with some of the most trusted British component suppliers, too. This includes for spacer bars, hardware, and more.

It’s important to love your glass doors and this is what we are dedicated to provide. Laminated and back painted glass is available and we also offer double and triple glazed glass as well.
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Stylish and Functional
Ultimately, you are choosing glass doors because you like the look. We can show you how a frosted or coloured film can provide you with privacy. These doors can be incorporated into an office with glass walls or be a standard door to an enclosed office.

Our range of products are significant and can ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Call now to explore more of wat we have to offer with our specialist advice.