Wall Partitions

Glass wall partitions can be used in residential and commercial properties. You can choose as to whether people see right in or there is a frost or other privacy feature on the glass. The options are seemingly endless and at Interfusion, we want to help you discover them.

We pride ourselves on high U-value glass and test regularly to ensure we feature quality glass that is 100% compliant with British Standards.
Creating Visual Space
We have professionals who are highly skilled at glass cutting and design. We use double and triple glazed glass that is durable and beautiful. We also work with some of the top British component suppliers for spacer bars, hardware, and much more.

All of this helps to deliver confidence that we know what we are doing. You can count on us to provide you with elegant designs inside your home or office.
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Maximum Durability & Usability
Stunning glass can stand tall to partition various rooms of your home or business. All sorts of glass styles are available, too. We offer a wide range of products at Interfusion, including fire-rated glass, restoration glass, laminated glass, and much more.

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