Kitchen & Bathroom Splashbacks

Gorgeous kitchen and bathroom splashbacks can be created. This is a great way to incorporate colour and finesse into the rooms. There is also a significant amount of functionality due to being able to clean the water with ease. Any time water or anything else splashes, it can be wiped down effortlessly.

All sorts of different colours and techniques can be used in the splashbacks. We take the time to understand your room’s theme and make suggestions.
Meticulously crafted glasswork
At Interfusion, we have a talented group of glass workers. This ensures you get the quality that you crave with all of the details. We can provide something that is decorative and even restore a backsplash that is pre-existing.

We work with all sorts of glass, from laminated glass to mirrors. This ensures you get the look you desire without having to settle for anything less than the best.
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Focus on Aesthetics
Any time that you are going to get a splashback, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing for your space.

We can show you a wide range of products, and we also offer a fast turnaround. Whether you want coloured films, mirrors, or anything else on the splash, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Learn more by calling to schedule a quote and consultation. This allows us to hear your thoughts and make recommendations on what’s going to look best within the space.