Get the look you want for your business. Interfusion is dedicated to providing high quality aesthetics to shopfronts. This is your chance to stop potential customers in their tracks and invite them to have a look inside.

Display your inventory and market your way to more business. Allow us to show you some of the popular designs that have a proven track record within the retail industry.
Variety of Materials and Finishes
Our high quality glass is tested regularly to meet British Standards and legislation. Further, we offer high U-value glass that is durable. This ensures you can have the glass shopfront and not have to worry about it chipping or cracking with any kind of frequency.

Many of our products are available same day, allowing you to get the design you want without having to wait a long time. We pride ourselves on a fast and realistic turnaround.
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Fully Secure Solutions
Your shopfront is not an area where you want to cut corners. Allow us to show you the phenomenal possibilities – and how it can be competitively priced. We offer free local deliveries and can show you options for glass partitions, shop doors, and more.

Learn about the way to obtain frosted and security glass as well as hardware from some of the top British component suppliers.