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Interfusion Glass made my life easier!
We are mid size building company doing lot’s of glass futures which was always difficult to work as there is always plenty of details. Since we started our cooperation with Interfusion Glass most of this problems are gone, this is thanks to they professional approach to the client and knowledge. Thank you Interfusion Glass!
A Lapicz , London
Amazingly fast, professional and reliable service!
This is one of those Companies worth saving up in your phone and I would not be hesitant to recommend it all day long to any and everyone in the trade. Best regards.
Damian Bednarkiewicz, London
I find interfusion glass a very reliable and friendly business to deal with.
They supply my glass for my joinery business at a faster turnaround than any other supplier. The girls in the office are always very helpful and the prices are very competitive. Great products at great prices with great service to match.
I would reccomend anyone to give Interfusion a try!
Fantastic glass company!
Excellent to work with, great service and great quality products!
Very impressed and highly recommend to new customers!
Mr Gregory, London